Yurika is USFDA compliant and Health Canada certified for the elimination of menstrual cramps.

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"I LOVED IT! I felt amazing honestly ...pain free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Geneviève, 26 (Victoria, British Columbia)

"Yurika is very effective! "

Clemence, 29 (Brussels, Belgium)

"[Yurika] is working really well! I will highly recommend it to my female friends. "

Anne-Gaëlle (Paris, France)

"Yurika! worked so well my menstrual cramps were relieved in just five minutes..."

Navneet, 19 (Jalandhar, India)

"Yurika! are like magic capsules, when I take them my cramps go away. ..."

Roya, 24 (West Vancouver, BC)